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Whether your dream is to stay in a colonial-era bungalow in the middle of a tea plantation, an Indian princely palace, or to cruise in luxury the Irrawaddy to Mandalay, we never tire of searching for your next great travel destination. This is the place to share with us your most recent adventures.

A postcard from Bhutan

Archery Bhutan  The dawn flight from Delhi to Paro on Drukair tracks the High Himalaya so closely you feel you can reach out and            touch the peaks. Be sure to book a window seat on the left of the cabin. The Captain identifies the mountain with snow    blowing off the peak as Everest.


View of Mt Everest 2


Thimphu lies in a fertile river valley at an altitude of around 7000ft, and is Bhutan’s capital. Archery is the national sport, played in traditional Bhutanese costume. A seated bronze Buddha, the world’s second largest gazes from a high slope, down over the 17th Century fortress monastery of Tashichoedzong, and the golden spires and erotic tantric images of the uniquely stylised Memorial Chorten.



Beautiful Tashichho Dzong Thimphu

The high pass at Dochula, on the road from Thimphu to the ancient capital of Punakha is graced by 108 graceful stone chortens. On a clear winter’s day the pass also offers a stunning, 360 degree panorama of snow-capped Himalayan peaks.


Do Chula Pass Bhutan


The Punakha Dzong, or Palace of Great Happiness, enjoys an idyllic riverside setting. Shaded by jacaranda trees with blossoms like blue smoke, the dzong houses some of Bhutanese Buddhism’s most sacred relics, and is held to be the country’s most beautiful. The surrounding valley is a magical mosaic of individual rice fields, the terraced slopes rich with apple orchards.

Beautiful Punakha Dzong

The streetscape of Paro is a haven of traditional Bhutanese architecture. Business is conducted, and children attend school in Bhutan’s unique national dress. Shops and restaurants, free of western consumer brands, are fascinating and delightful.

adorable Bhutan children


Above the town, at an altitude of 3000m, the Tiger’s Nest monastery clings to a sheer rock face. The ascent, hot in full sun, icy in the shade is challenging but rewarding, and takes a full day. Start early after a good breakfast. Don’t forget your hat.

At the start of the trek to Tigers Nest Monastery


Phew! Made it to the top.

Tigers Nest Monastery Bhutan


The wonderful guides in Bhutan who are so knowledgable and passionate about their country.

All our wonderful guides in Bhutan



Beautiful Bhutan by Jen and Larry Risdale
In and out of Africa by Paul Booty

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