Even today, in the 21st Century, Asia and the Far East represents in the imagination all that is exotic, mysterious, and wonderful in the world. Eastravel, the Far East travel specialists, can help to make your dreams of the mystic orient come alive.

Whether your journey is to experience the culture, nature, adventure, or simply relaxation, your tailor-made Eastravel odyssey to Asia and the Far East will flood your senses with dramatic contrasts, awe-inspiring images to form magical memories for you to keep forever.

So whether your dream is to discover the authentic aboriginal peoples of Myanmar, the stunning Khmer architecture of Cambodia, the world class beaches of Vietnam, the glittering skylines of Hong Kong and Singapore, the unique wildlife of Malaysia, the majestic palaces of Thailand, the towering mountains and gorges of Taiwan, the verdant tea plantations of Sri Lanka, the brooding volcanoes of Indonesia, the special charm of Japan and Korea, the other-worldly Plain of Jars in Laos, the sights, sounds and smells of incredible India – Wherever your dreams carry you, call us today to discuss your plans.

Vietnam Holidays

An eclectic mix of old and new, Vietnam has something to offer every visitor

Myanmar Holidays

Perhaps more than any other destination in Asia, Myanmar retains much of its unique culture and traditions

Cambodia Holidays

In the popular imagination, Cambodia is synonymous with the mesmerising temple complex of Angkor Wat

Laos Holidays

Traditionally known as the Kingdom of a Million Elephants, Laos remains one of Asia’s best kept secrets

Thailand Holidays

The ancient Kingdom of Thailand lays in the heart of South East Asia, neighbouring Laos to the east, Myanmar to the west, and Cambodia and Malaysia to the south

Malaysia Holidays

Malaysia is a wonderful, eclectic cocktail of cultures, nature, and history, spread across South East Asia

Taiwan Holidays

Shaped like a tobacco leaf, Taiwan is a land of contrasts.

Oman Holidays

Having a proud history, Oman has retained the eminence of its past and is an enchanting discovery.

Sri Lanka Holidays

For centuries, Arab merchants and traders knew Sri Lanka as Serendib. The word serendipity means today what it meant then, the ability to make pleasant and unexpected discoveries by accident.

Japan Holidays

A magical blend of ancient tradition and dazzling, 21st Century modernity, Japan is as unique as it is magical. Mountain peaks and bubbling volcanos stud lush green landscapes.

Bhutan Holidays

A magical mountain kingdom frozen in time between India and China, soaring Himalayan peaks provide the backdrop to lush green apple orchards and fields of rice.

Indonesia Holidays

Lush green terraces of rice lead you through villages rich in artistic tradition to world-class, white sand beaches. Great crater lakes shimmer among forbidding volcanic landscapes.

Borneo Holidays

From unique wildlife to untouched jungle, pristine beaches and world class dive spots, few attractions can match the natural drama of Borneo.

India Holidays

A frontal assault on all the senses, no life can be complete if it hasn’t been touched by India. There is no place like it on earth.

China Holidays

An ancient empire of fabulous cities and awe-inspiring monuments, dazzling skylines and imperial majesty, history and natural beauty, China is at once river and mountain, culture and natural wonder, timeless heritage and glittering modernity.

South Korea Holidays

South Korea is a country of neon-lit skyscrapers and ancient temples, of fortresses and palaces and royal burial grounds; it is also a land of remote sandy beaches and rugged peaks, stunning national parks, and thousands of hot-spring islands

Philippines Holidays

A stunning archipelago of islands scattered like diamonds in the warm, tropical seas between Taiwan and Indonesia, the beauty of the unspoiled natural landscape is matched only by the welcoming smile of the people.

Jordan Holidays

An ancient desert kingdom steeped in history, Jordan’s unique natural beauty is matched only by the priceless built heritage of the empires, cultures and peoples that formed it.

Maldives Holidays

Home to more than 1192 tiny coral islands, The Maldives is a sun-soaked archipelago, situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and is one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world.